Sparco SIM RIG II A ready-to-use Sim Racing Kit for sim racers and professional drivers who demand the best in driving simulation. A complete cockpit including a 49” Samsung Curve 4k monitor and a Sparco TM Stand, an Akrig Sparco Edition Msi Infinite X computer and an Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition driving simulator.

Sparco, which has been overseeing and developing top-level motorsports products for more than forty years, has gone right into SIM RIG II with top-level technological solutions. RIG II is not only a truly complete kit, it is ergonomic and adjustable, with a professional seat and all the features required to create a realistic racing feeling.


Evolution of the SPARCO SIM RIG 1 basic kit, the SPARCO SIM RIG 2 is an easy to use plug’n’play PROFESSIONAL SIM RACING KIT, equipped with the most performing products in the driving simulation field.
A result of the most important partnerships that SPARCO has entered into in recent years with the most accredited technological partners, SIM RIG 2 was developed to guarantee the highest level of performance in the driving simulation field, while maintaining a level of usability within everyone's reach. Constituting the most complete professional driving simulator currently on the market, it also allows the less experienced to enjoy themselves and professional drivers to train.
It is a complete kit complete to immediately get behind the wheel and reach the most advanced levels of realism in the SIM RACING field.

The following is the SPARCO SIM RIG 2 standard equipment:
• SPARCO PRO-2000 II LF seat
• SPARCO TM-STAND1 TV/Monitor stand;
• TS-XW RACER steering wheel + pedals with P310 Competition
• Ultrawide (32:9) SAMSUNG Pro Gaming da 49” curved HDR-4K monitor;
• LOGITECH K400 Plus wireless keyboard with touchpad
• PC AK-RIG SPARCO Edition based on MSI Infinite X with Intel Core I7 and WINDOWS 10 Home operating system
• Steam license for individual use of “ASSETTO CORSA ULTIMATE EDITION” already installed and ready for use