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Sparco DNA.
100% passion.
In 1977, from a dream of two young drivers to give motorsport more safety and style, Sparco was born.
After 40 years, the dream is a consolidated reality.
This is our story.
Our story
In 1977, from a dream of two young drivers to give motorsport more safety and style, Sparco was born.
After 40 years, the dream is a consolidated reality.
This is our story.
Sparco Timeline.
It’s easy to have dreams when you’re young. The difficult thing is turning them into reality. This is how Sparco was born, the dream of two young drivers from Turin who decided to make the world of competitive driving a safer place. It was a time in which major accidents were commonplace and the FIA had decided to take action. Sparco arrives on the scene and revolutionises the concept of safety.
Nelson Piquet wins the F1 world championship. Together with Sparco. Just 5 years after it was founded Sparco “wins” a world championship. And it doesn’t rest on its laurels: the same year the Lancia 037 that wins the world rally championship has a Sparco seat.
It was a year in which Sparco got into an excellent habit that it would never lose: that of winning.
Sparco lays the emphasis on passion. A special relationship is formed in 1990, forging a bond between Sparco and tuning enthusiasts.
Increasing numbers of people strive to give their car its own unique identity. Sparco decides to meet their needs and begins producing all kinds of accessories for customising cars.
Sparco debuts in the world of the Supercars and Sparco B2B is born. Having acquired the composite materials division of Simbi-Stampal, Sparco specialises in carbon fibre technology, supplying the Supercars industry with innovative sports seats. The perfect combination of safety, technology and style.
Carbon is the technology of the future. The Sparco B2B division grows quickly and within two years boasts partnerships with Bugatti, Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, AMG, Toro Rosso. Sparco has the future within its grasps at all times. The fastest cars in the world use Sparco.
Dr. Aldino Bellazzini becomes the majority shareholder of Sparco and gears everything towards product innovation. The Sparco philosophy has a new supporter.
The Sparco world revolves around the fundamental concepts of safety and style. Today, more than ever before, all of the products that leave our factories respect our guiding principles.
Sparco ushers in a new era of technology that revolutionises the way of manufacturing fireproof racing suits. It is the only company to boast Hocotex™, a reticular technology patented by Sparco and developed in Italy. The new concept is the result of over 3 years of research and experimentation, incorporating in a single fabric what is usually obtained using a multi-layer sandwich in traditional technology. This technology makes the fabric highly breathable and the honeycomb weave forms internal safety microcells of air that provide drivers with even more protection from fire.Sparco makes Hocotex™ technology available to drivers!
Prime SP-16 is the new fireproof racing suit project presented as a world exclusive for Formula 1 drivers: the lightest suit in the world (just 240 g/m2) is now a reality. After over two years of experimentation, the project presents innovations in terms of fabric, breathability and comfort. Once again Sparco has raised the bar to new levels that just a short time ago were unimaginable.
Sparco is branching out into new areas: thanks to its 40 years of experience in the racing world, major new businesses are emerging that are capable of reaching out to markets previously untapped by the Volpiano-based company. Highly diverse concepts and products (gaming products and safety shoes above all) which all share the quality, passion and technology of the Sparco world.
Sparco employs around 800 people in three continents: Europe, America and Africa. Our distribution network encompasses 80 countries across the world. We work with the leading teams and constructors in all motorsport categories: McLaren, Peugeot, Aston Martin, Ford and Citroen (to name just a few). The Sparco B2B division has obtained new quality certification, ISO TS 16949:09. For some people these are just numbers, for us they are a source of great pride. The pride of being a leader in the automotive world.
Innovation and Design
Our primary objective is to offer superior quality without neglecting the traditional elegance of the Italian brand.
Engineering & Design
Sparco designs and engineers some of the most technologically advanced sport seats in the world.
The superiority of Sparco seats comes from the shells that are designed and developed with performance and racing experience in mind.
Our seat shells are designed using Catia V5 and NX 9 CAD software, with the aid of virtual dummies to optimise ergonomics and behaviour in the event of a collision.
The projects are then verified using the most sophisticated FEM structural analysis methods and physically validated at the most accredited facilities.
Sparco knows how to optimally design the seat shell using, as appropriate, pre-impregnated carbon, short-fibre forged carbon or fibreglass.
Supercar drivers want seats that allow them to feel the performance, handling and reactions of their car both on the race track and on normal roads. At the same time, increasing attention is placed on comfort when driving long distances, facilitating the driving experience as much as possible. That is why ergonomic studies are so important for the engineers who design Sparco seats.
The virtual design phase is followed by extenuating refinements on the road, in collaboration with the best car manufacturer testers and racing drivers who, after being supported by Sparco in their sporting enterprises, have become partners in the development of new products.
Sections and stiffness of the padding are the basis for best performance under the maximum stress of driving to the limit, with the support of a shell that is extremely light and rigid. This combination of elements provides the winning formula of Sparco sports seats for supercars.
Sparco started manufacturing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) sport seats in 1998 for the Lamborghini Diablo.
Sparco designed and developed the first adjustable sport seat in carbon fibre for supercars, brilliantly passing the type approval tests and safety and duration tests of the most important car manufacturers.
Since then, Sparco has been a supplier of prestigious brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Bentley, Audi, McLaren Cars, Mercedes Benz AMG, Alfa Romeo, Lotus Cars, Koenigsegg, Maserati, Ford and many other car manufacturers.
Sparco seats for supercars have the same DNA, the same technical content and the same capabilities as racing seats: they are light and supportive, but at the same time safe and comfortable. Moreover, they do not renounce luxury at any level, with microfibre or exclusive leather upholstery and finishing details in quality materials.
Since 2010, Sparco has been providing sport seats for Supercars with side airbags and up to 12 different settings, heating and cooling systems and comfort functions such as lumbar adjusters.
Riding the continuous evolution of technology, Sparco acquired leadership by being the first to offer a load bearing structure in short fibre carbon, on the standard seat of the Lamborghini Aventador.
Today, Sparco is the only manufacturer to offer seats with side airbags encased in a real carbon fibre cover, ensuring uninterrupted aesthetics and top-level safety performance.
The range of SP-X composite seats, based on common contents that allow development times and investments to be kept to a minimum, allows any car manufacturer to adopt a light, sporty seat with any appearance and comfort level. The production flexibility of the Sparco group allows the best technologies for any of cost and production volume target to be selected.
The quality of Sparco sport seats is not just the ``icing on the cake`` of the production process, but rather a mentality that starts with the seat design and permeates all manufacturing processes up to the end of production and the related controls.

Seats and carbon parts are designed according to the DFMEA and PFMEA methodology, which allows any design and production errors to be detected and corrected before they occur.
Following project validation, qualification tests and product approval formalities are initiated, according to the demanding PPAP methodologies imposed by car manufacturers.
Sparco is ISO/TS:16949 certified in all its OEM plants for the development and production of carbon fibre seats and components.
On top of this basic structure, every Supercar manufacturer has its own requirements, which the Sparco quality team implements and harmonises with our processes.

Sparco is structured to perform aesthetic, dimensional and destructive checks on finished products and on the sub-components of each product category.
Carbon fibre is the most advanced material used by the automotive industry. Incredibly light and strong, carbon fibre was created for the aerospace and military industry and introduced in F1 by the brilliant founder of Lotus, Colin Chapman, in 1981 on the Lotus 88 F1 car.
Sparco began using carbon fibre for its racing seats in 1984; since then it has become the material of choice for the design and construction of the most technically advanced racing seats.
In 1999, Sparco created a division for the production of carbon fibre parts and sport seats, made available to supercar manufacturers and to the aerospace industry.
Today 9 autoclaves (2 autoclaves were added in 2014), 4 presses and over 300 employees work to create carbon parts for supercars such as the Lamborghini Aventador and Urus, Alfa Romeo Giulia QV and Bugatti Chiron, as well as parts for superjets such as the Airbus A380.
In 2014, Sparco flanked the prepreg technology in autoclave with press processing of both the prepreg as well as the short fibre material. This new technology reduces production times while increasing production capacity, without renouncing the excellent performance of carbon fibre.
Sparco controls directly and through strategic partnerships the entire production flow, from raw materials to transformations and finishes.
Very important investments in high precision machining, painting and metal component production make Sparco an extremely integrated company.
The design, prototyping and mass production structure is able to respond quickly and cost effectively to the requirements of any carbon fibre component, from the smallest interior finish to complex chassis or body assemblies.
For over 40 years a leader on the world's race tracks, SPARCO® pursues excellence and shares its underlying values through special collections that it manufactures directly, such as Teamwork and Gaming, or under license for prestigious international partners.
By THRUSTMASTER. A collection of steering wheels, accessories and peripherals for consoles and PCs, developed in collaboration with TM, to bring driving simulation to a new level of performance.
By CAR PARTS DESIGN. A collection of car accessories to enhance functionality, comfort and style off the tracks.
By CAR PARTS DESIGN. A collection of car seats designed to ensure maximum safety for the drivers of the future.
By CAR PARTS DESIGN. A collection of car care and protection accessories for maximum performance and a dazzling style.
By OZ RACING. A collection of high quality alloy wheels designed for the after-market industry and for the changing seasons, and all strictly made in Italy.
By BRANDSDISTRIBUTION. A unique collection of footwear and outerwear, and all strictly MADE IN ITALY. Dedicated to those athletes who enjoy sporting an elegant ``after race`` look.
By SKG. A collection of high-performing car and truck batteries, in true Sparco style.
By BHR HELMETS. A collection of motorcycle helmets dedicated to all 2-wheeler enthusiasts seeking safety combined with a dynamic look in true Sparco style.
Our Partners.
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