28 / 08 / 2018
Sparco® and Monza, when the winner was solidariety
Monza and SPARCO® is a story of success, amazing victories and magical moments when the drivers have fired our imaginations and written the history of the sport. But there was one particular moment when SPARCO® and solidarity teamed up to win the most special GP of all.
It happened in 2012, straight after the qualifying sessions. In May, some areas of Emilia Romagna had been hit by a violent earthquake and many people took an active part in the race to help.
On that occasion, SPARCO® put the original racing suits of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton up for auction, dedicating the proceeds to targeted projects.
The two McLaren drivers were so enthusiastic about the initiative that they decided to autograph the original suits they’d just worn in qualifying and to auction them on eBay. The proceeds totalled around 20,000 euros, with recipients including the Santa Maria Bianca hospital in Mirandola and the “La Lucciola” integrated therapy centre for disabled children in Ravarino, Province of Modena.
It was an example of how the sporting attitude of the drivers, the altruism of the team and the big heart of SPARCO® came together in a simple but highly effective project with immediate, tangible results. To avoid the wasteful dispersion of resources the recipients had already been identified before going ahead with the auction.
Here SPARCO® proved that it has an extra gear when it comes to timing and ideas for taking action. Monza was again the venue for a presentation of special suits to Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne to celebrate the 40th anniversary of SPARCO®: this happened only last year but has already entered the history of the brand’s association with the circuit.
As for the 2018 edition of the Italian GP, which will be hosted by the Monza Eni Circuit this 2 September, other events are under way to make this event as memorable as it has been in the past.

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